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Monday, December 12, 2005

Sale time again

YES! the year end sales are back! feel like sneaking to sogo (jap shopping complex near my workplace) to look at some more Gundam kits. That 1/144 HGUC Hazel RX121-1 TR-1 looks REALLY nice!Look at this baby!

*sigh* its about RM 70+ (around USD 20). This is part of the series of figures that have been burning the boards at Child of Mecha and other Gundam building boards. Its part of the "Advance of Zeta" Spin off from Zeta Gundam and has really nice looking mecha from that series. Hobby link Japan has this to say about this kit ( look at the picture lah):

""Very nice high grade injection plastic model of the Gundam TR-1, "Hazel Custom", from "Advance of Z(eta)". Molded in colour and featuring snap-fit assembly for ease of building, it comes with foil stickers and clear "Gundam Stickers" for detail (markings for the "Titans Test Team"). A special 35-page "Advance of Z Guide Book", with a black-and-white manga story inside, is also included (all text is in Japanese).""

with a manga book even! i've seen very nice custom decals for this kit and other related ones. Most of them center around the Titans Test Team (go see the anime for more on the Titans. Nope, haven't seen the anime yet, still trying to finish Wing and SEED Destiny) Even Dengenki Magazine has gotten into the act and has done some nice resin Models (i haven't touched resin kits it is, i'm having trouble with plastic styrene ones!) here's a few pics of the decals form the Advance Hazel + Dengenki Hobby kits :

and one more (thanks to muji from the Child of Mecha Boards for the pictures!)

nice aren't they? too bad they're stickers! yep, not decals, stickers... i hate stickers on my mecha! All this being said, while i'll never have a chance to afford the resin kits, i will have the cash for the Bandai Styrene one but... its 1/144 scaled.. small... not really something i prefer but lets see how it goes when i'm standing right in front of the kit.. hopefully i don't get overwhelmed by my buying impulse! GAH!.. maybe i might change my mind and get that SEED 1/100 Strike kit instead.. been wanting to do one posed with just the "Armor Schneider" combat knives... hmmm... later.. i have more meetings to attend
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