Phase Ignition!

"Quod Scripsi, Scripsi."

Friday, June 30, 2006

The Return!

"Though People now walk in great Fear
alongst the Country every where:
Thieves shall then tremble at the Law,
and Justice shall keep them in aw,
The Rogues shall flee with their Treacherie
and all the Kings Foes most shamefulie,
The which you shall see when the time it shall be
That the King comes Home in Peace again. "

- The King enjoys His own again. Martin Parker. 1660

Aye! thus i have returned unto this page in cyberspace. My long self-exile has been fraught with disaster and extreme testing of will, mind and strength.

From my house being broken into and my laptop, camera and various other possessions being stolen to my house being flooded and other small but annoying incidences have made it that much more difficult to get on with life.....

Still, you have to marvel at the durability of the human spirit. Mayhaps when thing like these happen you will undergo some depression and sadness, but here i am, bashing out these words with a sense of determination to carry on with life.

Before i get ahead of myself tho' a really big thank you to Shashi and his Auto Assist boys for towing my car off to Mr Lee (my wonderful mechanic). Owe ya one Shas :P

Projects have been keeping me busy and sleep-deprived. I've restarted the Desert Zaku project, only to come home one night to see my nicely painted parts in very brown flood water. Plus the bottle of Future fell off the shelf, the cover broke and most of the Future was on the floor *sigh* ...but i plan to clean up after this and continue.

So, meanwhile i got a new-old car, a new laptop and nope, no camera yet so no nice pics of my newly waxed chariot that is now hell-bent on terrorising Perdana's, WAJA's and playing 'chicken' with EVO 8's.

I met a someone who was doing some work for us very recently, a foreigner who works for a VERY BIG company. As i swapped stories with him, i noticed his outlook to life and his personality and realised something.... I had lost my aggression. Lemme explain: Long time ago, i worked in a company where it was expected of us to be arrogant, cocky etc. I lived up that part to the fullest. Then I went on to other jobs and with that, that part of my personality went into recession. I say that cos i realized that in this current station of life, i need that kinda agression. Not arrogance, but a tiny injection of hubris into the way i approach work. Guess its a "part" that i have to play while i'm at work.. ok ok...I'll stop rambling.

Congrats go out to Joanne & Paul , Sharm & Paul (different Paul) for tying the knot recently. Hey, when is Mudslide getting back in action?

So read the short verse in the beginning and embrace the fact that I have returned...