Phase Ignition!

"Quod Scripsi, Scripsi."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog, Schmog...

Oh Gosh! I just remembered that I have a blog! :p

yeah, that's how busy life has become. From handling ginormous amounts of work, having a baby girl (my wife had the baby, I just fretted a lot) and spending obscene amounts of time on Facebook, I'm just too darn busy to stop a while to write a blog post.

But here's the thing, lets call it the million dollar question, Does writing and keeping a blog updated still figure in our(my) hectic lifestyle? I remember keeping this one updated (well...kinda)

Hmm...plenty has passed by from the last time I wrote. Maybe I'll share some stuff as time goes by. For now, I need to go change that profile bit that says I don't have kids yet...ok...get lost