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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Voltage Stabilizer - REDUX

Remember the Voltage Stabilizer "article" i did previously? Ok. I gotta admit it was VERY crappily done and after being admonished (albeit slyly by Sir SRVCat) I've decided to do it properly. Also, i'm gonna explain the grounding work recently done on my baby and on Srvcat's car as well. A disclaimer before I even start this post. I am NOT a freaking car expert! Half the time i understand like 30-40% of whats goin on but I do understand important stuff like differentials, torque and other stuff. So my apologies if this post is in error or misleads the reader. With that, lets get it on! (the post that is..)

[For volt stablizer pictures, please refer to the aforementioned post]

Well, the main link you should be looking at is : . It'll be better if you register cos then you get to see the whole thread.

Marketed under the name "Zaptor Voltage Stabiliser", this retails for RM50 and promises the following:


So yeah, i also heard about similar products retailing around RM200. But this guy has fit many cars in Malaysia with this. It claims to store electricity and distribute it to the necessary places when there is a voltage drop eg: when you switch on the radio, air con, lights etc. Especially true if you have an old car like mine. Honestly speaking, i was very skeptical when I first found out about this and couldn't belive that something electrical can improve fuel efficiency. Then I remembered that my car has an ELECTRONIC fuel injection system. "Hey, this might work." So I made appoinments and got it fixed. On the drive home from town, I felt a certain smoothness in the low end torque, engine was stable, lights got brighter and in fact nearly everything on that list you see above improved. Except fuel economy cos i haven't gotten around measuring it yet!

So, If you want to get this done to your ride, call this number: 016-3808883 and ask for Kelvin. Tell him the 2 Nissan Altima guys from Bukit Bintang sent ya! I really see this working and next post, we'll talk a little about grounding. Now go away!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Merdeka moment

Yeah.. i know its late but here's something really nice that happened the week leading to Merdeka. I had just come home from an exhausting week in Penang. Walked through my garden to find a HUGE deep red bunga raya growing. This plant has not flowered since Nov 2005! well, nice suprise. Enjoyed making (and eating) lamb chops on Merdeka day with some friends. The flower tho died after a couple of days but i did manage to capture it in all its glory. Here are the pics.

Yes, the camera's new super macro mode is so cool!

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