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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warning Sign

End of Transmission.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Starbucks Dilemma. Pt 1

Being so horribly busy these past few weeks and having to work on weekends. I had to resort to using wi-fi in Starbucks (yes..memang dah sah aku jadik anjing!) But i just feel so damn pissed off with what happens when i get there. Part of what I feel is expressed by a blog entry i read a few minutes ago. The blog is called :jkOn the Run by James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel. Here's that entry:

Open request to Starbucks customers

If you do not have a laptop or other gadget to plug into the only electrical outlet then please don't sit at the table next to it. Thanks.

UPDATE: Please don't bring your kids in and let them run around yelling and screaming and then sit at the table next to someone who is working on a laptop. Thanks.

UPDATE #2: Please don't let your kids throw cookies at someone working on a laptop at the next table. Thanks.

UPDATE #3. Please don't ignore your children while talking loudly on your phone while sitting next to someone working at a laptop. Thanks.

UPDATE #4. Please don't bring your yelling and screaming kids into Starbucks with the intention of meeting another friend and her screaming kids and having them also sit at a table next to someone working at a laptop. Thanks.

UPDATE #5. I am so sorry. I have never been this clumsy before. I don't know how that steaming hot cappuccino was knocked over. Yes I know that must really burn and I am sure the kids will stop screaming when it does. I really am sorry that you're leaving. Thanks.

FINAL UPDATE: This was just a joke. No children were harmed in the making of this :p

The link to the article goes here:

Dammit.... when i have time to do so, I'll go on and finish part 2. Back to the Oars.. *sigh*

Monday, October 02, 2006


yup.. Paul OS ver 1.0 is currently overloaded with too many tasks, please install additional time software to facilitate initialization of I-Can_Now-Blog_freely.exe.....

System will restart as soon as tasks are completed......

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Voltage Stabilizer - REDUX

Remember the Voltage Stabilizer "article" i did previously? Ok. I gotta admit it was VERY crappily done and after being admonished (albeit slyly by Sir SRVCat) I've decided to do it properly. Also, i'm gonna explain the grounding work recently done on my baby and on Srvcat's car as well. A disclaimer before I even start this post. I am NOT a freaking car expert! Half the time i understand like 30-40% of whats goin on but I do understand important stuff like differentials, torque and other stuff. So my apologies if this post is in error or misleads the reader. With that, lets get it on! (the post that is..)

[For volt stablizer pictures, please refer to the aforementioned post]

Well, the main link you should be looking at is : . It'll be better if you register cos then you get to see the whole thread.

Marketed under the name "Zaptor Voltage Stabiliser", this retails for RM50 and promises the following:


So yeah, i also heard about similar products retailing around RM200. But this guy has fit many cars in Malaysia with this. It claims to store electricity and distribute it to the necessary places when there is a voltage drop eg: when you switch on the radio, air con, lights etc. Especially true if you have an old car like mine. Honestly speaking, i was very skeptical when I first found out about this and couldn't belive that something electrical can improve fuel efficiency. Then I remembered that my car has an ELECTRONIC fuel injection system. "Hey, this might work." So I made appoinments and got it fixed. On the drive home from town, I felt a certain smoothness in the low end torque, engine was stable, lights got brighter and in fact nearly everything on that list you see above improved. Except fuel economy cos i haven't gotten around measuring it yet!

So, If you want to get this done to your ride, call this number: 016-3808883 and ask for Kelvin. Tell him the 2 Nissan Altima guys from Bukit Bintang sent ya! I really see this working and next post, we'll talk a little about grounding. Now go away!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Merdeka moment

Yeah.. i know its late but here's something really nice that happened the week leading to Merdeka. I had just come home from an exhausting week in Penang. Walked through my garden to find a HUGE deep red bunga raya growing. This plant has not flowered since Nov 2005! well, nice suprise. Enjoyed making (and eating) lamb chops on Merdeka day with some friends. The flower tho died after a couple of days but i did manage to capture it in all its glory. Here are the pics.

Yes, the camera's new super macro mode is so cool!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Un-Malaysian Are you??

As Tagged by Papa... this test says that I'm

Congratulations Paul David, you are 52% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

Good Lord, I want to go commit suicide.....

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm Back! but as usual, too many things to do, stay tuned. Be right back at 'cha in a bit!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Opera rant & the Voltage Stabilizer story

With Flock being super hardo ghey-ishly slow (cos it sucks up so much of memory!) I tried migrating to Opera instead.... I got all the bookmarks to go over but when came time to move all my passwords for the 15 million logins that I have to put up with... zip. Nothing. Turns out that Opera's "Wand" can't import passwords. Great. So, back to slow-as-swimming-in-a-tub-of-molasses Flock. So saunter over to Blogger to find that the page is also slow as heck. Thus, I'm blogging this out of Flock's built in blogging feature. I hate using it cos puttin pictures through this method is virtually non existant. No button for that and if i want to put a pic here, i gotta do that via damn inconvenient!

Oh... Blogger just finished loading... lemme switch over there..

Much better...

So, me and a couple of buddies have been hearing about Voltage Stabilizers from some of our friends who frequent Turns out there's this guy who made a local version that's just as good as the 200-300 bucks version of the thing. He's rather active in the VOCM (thats Volvo Club of Malaysia) and has installed this on 500+ Volvos. AND as of today he (and his buddies) has installed this nifty device on at least 6000 cars in Malaysia. No complaints so far. Whats that I hear you ask? What is it good for? It urm... stabilises the flow of current in the car... oh phishtosh! its good lar ok? Go search in the Zerotohundred forums for it.. i'm too damn lazy..

So, this dude... Kelvin came over and installed this device in 3 of our cars and this is how it looked like:

One more

The difference after installing ? Brighter Lights, colder Air-con and one heck of a boost for my lower end torque. The cost of all this?? RM installation.

Nuff said. Have a good weekend y'all and no posts for next week cos I'll be in Telekoms and in Penang.. bye!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sunrise Jazz Festival

Yep, as promised... tho I'm really tired. A Promise is a promise.Anyways, doing this on Opera cos Flock is guzzling hella lot of memory and Blogger is super damn slow! OK, on with it:

Wifey, me, my sis and bro-in law finally got around going to the Jazz Festival. Arrived at about 9+ and man.... standing room only! We parked ourselves near Starbucks and spent most of the evening guzzling down one of these:

Yep... not a scrap O' coffee in that cos wifey don't take no coffee (boo!) And since we were so strategically placed (read: behind a pillar) we ended watching the concert on a monitor. *sigh* I wandered around with my new Canon Powershot A420 and since the angles were not permissable, I only got a few pics. When we arrived, Noryn Aziz and her band were kickin' it up. Wow! she can sing real good hombre! Later sis told me that she's dubbed the "Nora Jones" of Malaysia. Here's a sucky pic I took of them in action:

no chance of a frontal. Sorry, the next pic is about the same as well. To continue..around the time I was reeeeaaaaaaly sleepy, THE band to watch, the Aseana Percussion Unit came on. Fantastic stuff from these guys! But eventually sleep won over good listening..and i went home. Enjoyed myself greatly and even saw very very elegantly dressed(i'm talking like dinner dresses kinda thing) beautiful women walking around with a bottle Hineken... Hmmm.. that put a sobering effect on grace and beauty..

Here's the Aseana Percussion Unit doing their thing:

One last bye bye shot:

The end.

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PS: Halfway thru writin this, I switched back to Flock...

Monday, August 14, 2006


Still to come this week,

The last show of the Sunrise Jazz Festival 2006 and The Amazing Voltage Stabilizer!

Stay Tuned...

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Da Crouch strikes again!

Told you he's hot!

On the other hand, we think we may have found Crouch's long-lost twin brother, apparently he's been starring in Beano in the Bash Street Kids Comics all this while... Here's a recent mugshot:

See the resemblence? Wow... you couldn't tell the 2 apart! ..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Health Warning

And to your health in general. Go read the newspapers lately.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


All that sleep Deprivation is makes me feel like THIS:

You make me dizzy running circles in my head

One of these days I'll chase you down

Well look who's going crazy now

We're face to face my friend,

Better get out

You know you make me break out

I don't want to look like that

You can see this on my face

It's all for you

The more and more I take

I break right through

Therapy still scares me

Putting me on my back again.

I may be crazy, little frayed around the ends

One of these days I'll phase you out

Burn it in the blast off watching me crawl away

Try to get out

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


No, not me but my precious toys. See, most of them have been in storage in my mum's place in a cupboard in my old room. Now mom is quite the packrat and suddenly, there's no space for curtains and cushion covers (yes.. she has a billion of them in matching sets and colours!). So I just got a call from her saying that she's packed it neatly into some boxes. "Come and get them this weekend." Oh No... store it in MY house? the house that's theft prone? hmmm... gotta start enquiring about storage vaults in a nearby bank....hope she didn't crush CatScan..... oh dear...

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Team Powerlinx Armada

Still stuck in the office, here are some pics of my recently completed Armada Team:

The frontal with Rollout as a gun and Jetfire's Gun.

The overview shot with the platform.

Side shot with the original OP gun and Comettor attached on the Mini-con pegs.

Last one:

The other side with Corona Sparkplug and the "smokestack" gun.

Now, dont you wish you had one too??

Peter Peter Cullen to voice Optimus Prime in Transformers:The Live movie

yeah..i know its old news...but here's the VIDEO announcement...check it out! From a G4 Vodcast

The Announcement

Hope this linking thing works....

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Monday, July 31, 2006


yeah! bought myself a camera to replace the one that got stolen. A Canon Powershot A420. Looks like this:

Myspace..Profile really works!

4 Mega Pixels, Super Macro mode (up to 1 cm), Colour Swap... oh My! havent had the chance to play around with it yet ..... soon i'll be Camwhoring too! Myspace....Profile realy works!!...

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Friday, July 28, 2006


Good Lord, save us from this disease! Looks like many Malaysian Bloggers are proud of doing this! I call this "MySpace Envy". So proud to be called a whore issit? Come see me and i'll pimp you off to some sex-starved illegal immigrant so they can re-create Bangbus right here in our shores!

*Shudder* I even heard of a guy (mike, crash & nash will know who i'm talking about here) who filled up his friendster profile with pictures of himself ...shirtless..dei...your face is like anjing kurap!(Dog with sores) what more your cicak kubing (gecko) body!

So carry on lah, pose in 1000 ways, pose everytime you go to KLCC, 1U, Mamak and the most pathetic of all.... take 1 million pictures of yourself by pointing the frickin' cam at the damn mirror! Sad.Sad Sad! its so....MySpace ewww...

Having a blog with pictures is cool but DONT OVERDOIT! ...same goes for you feckin Friendster pictures. 5 pictures that look the same? or EVERY picture with the same shit-eatin grin & pose? urgh.,...

Ok. I'll stop.


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Little Man.........

Hmmm... I'm big fan of the Wayan Brothers in their In Living Color shows (which propelled Jim Carey into stardom and featured Jennifer Lopez [who we didn't know at the time and her a** was the size of Alaska!]) and their hilarious Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996), I heard a little blurb about the movie from Patrick and Gang from the Nobody Likes Onions podcast. I had to check out the news myself... its confirmed. The latest effort from the Wayans is the #5 worst movie ever made. lookit this!

IMDB Bottom 100

And its currently playing in Malaysia! It sucks! Go watch it! waste your money today!

P.S. I'm Not planning to watch this....

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Cybertron Deluxe Unicron

Hah..finally someone has the grapefruits to produce a Unicron that looks cool! (not saying that the previous ones sucked). Look at these pictures! I want one! Donations are aways welcome.... :p

Pictures Stolen From Remy

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Have to clear ALL these words from my head now!

Texas. Once in a lifetime. Blog. yellow. light. nausea. pain.shoulder. Capitalisation. Pull. strain. Analgesics. ear wax. Stocks. Money. Naturally Aspirated. Chocolate. sore. Turbo. dehydrated. cold. Wet. disassociate. Owner. dog. coffee. stretch. truant. sing. Sun. sacrifice. Black. low connectivity. Ribena. Ciggarettes. British. Grey skies. Keyboard. Pretzels. hate. boredom. tea. custard. mushroom. tape. tired. drugs. sins of the past. Hokkien. Hair. white dress. lobe. green. Felt. Uno. plastic. crack. fade. burn. discorporate. jelly. manatee. Gillian Anderson. Sow. Effort. entertainment.interface device. House. sprinkler.

Ok. feel a little bit better now.

Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple

Can you remember remember my name
As I flow through your life
A thousand oceans I have flown
And cold spirits of ice
All my life
I am the echo of your past

I am returning the echo of a point in time
Distant faces shine
A thousand warriors I have known
And laughing as the spirits appear
All your life
Shadows of another day

And if you hear me talking on the wind
Youve got to understand
We must remain
Perfect strangers

I know I must remain inside this silent well of sorrow

A strand of silver hanging through the sky
Touching more than you see
The voice of ages in your mind
Is aching with the dead of the night
Precious life (your tears are lost in
Falling rain)

And if you hear me talking on the wind
Youve got to understand
We must remain
Perfect strangers

Find the footnote in the song....


Was browsing around, i wus specifically looking for a Japanese car import site.. (Yes I'm still hoping to own a S15 Silvia before I turn 40!). Found one at the back of a UK Jap tuning mag. The Site: . when go to the site tho, this is what i got:

Yeah, sorry for the convenience indeed. Which then reminded me of another site, one that specifically on bad grammar & spelling on English in Japan. Some of you might know this site: Here's a few "gems" i nicked from the site:

Oh my, this sign gives a whole new meaning to "sex at work". One more

Now men can ovulate too! Last one. And its from Glico who makes the very delish chocolate Rocky ( or Pockey as its called outside Malaysia.. more on that in another post) Pity their English could be better!

Ouchie...Go to the website...have you been "engrished" today?

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Monday, July 24, 2006


Got me hands on these again! I used to have this as a set but traded them with a friend for a Takara Micron Densetsu (More accurately Chō Robotto Semetai Toransufōmā: Maikuron Densetsu) StarScream. Sorry about the picture quality. took this with my Sony K700 Phone. Found another set and instantly grabbed them! kikikkiki.... So happy to get them...wonder if anyone wants to buy them form me???


and tomorrow, and i have waited for 2 years for this... I FINALLY get my Powerlinx Armada Jetfire!!! my Armada Optimus, Overload and Jetfre will look like this!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Huh.. suffering the after effects of 2 consecutive late nights and tons of house work. Tired as he-double-hockey-sticks. Time to hit the Dom tonight. And its only Monday...arrrrrrggggh! Flock is behaving strangely today, dosen't want to let me blog straight... hope this post makes it. Or maybe its just friggin' Streamyx. Sometimes navigatin using Streamyx is like swimming through a tub of Molasses...

Somebody save me!!!!

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TransMY Yumchar : Return of the Ancients

Oh yeah, made it for this one. Enjoyed myself tremendously as some old faces cropped up. Thanks guys for lots of fun, especially Clearance :p here's some pics for those who missed it. By the way, not ALL the ancients made it., Missed were Shahsi, Tina, Unforgiven69 and Eyeris.

Caption: I am Catwoman! Meowrrrrr..... Peace! Jgn Marah Pak Takato!

Caption: Side frontal of Clearance & Hady lights up one more.

Caption: Dammit Crash! have to catch me when I'm drinking lar?

The rest of the pictures then, Enjoy!

TransMY Major Official Yumchar

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Of Podcasts & Podcasting

I'm beginning to think that i'm a really slow adopter of technology. After hearing about Podcasting for ages, i finally gave it a try. Initially introduced for the iPod bla bla bla... it has grown into a tech explosion around the world. I really think its cool to be able to select audio content that YOU want and listen to it on the fly or save it to listen to later. Since iTunes refused to work on my Notebook, I looked around and found Juice. Its free, its open source. Perfect.

Spent a little bit of time figuring out how it worked and then I started looking some podcasts worthy of my time. Boy, talk about standing on the edge of an ocean. Lots and lots of them out there. Noteworthy links out there were,, and many more. You could look in iTunes itself under the "Music Store" section for Podcasts. But since i got lotsa other things to sort out before tonight's TransMY Yumcha: Return of the Ancient Ones [9.30 onwards, Sukumaran's SS14, Subang Jaya], i just chose to get a few, rather Catholic in nature [e-mail me for sites] and will continue to look for more as the days go by...

So get out there and immerse yerself into this if you havent already! Next chance I get, I'll explore Video Podcasting and let you all know about it. Now, i need to go downstairs and get the Memory Stick from the car to load up on some podcasts to hear on the way back home.

Have a good weekend all. Tomorrow I go to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest". And prepare for a horribly tough week ahead. Ta!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TF Fans

Look below!

Kinda remids me of some Malaysian and overseas TF Fans!

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Yep, ever since saturday, i think i sprained my it the extreme version of "salah tidur" Took some Norgesic yesterday. 60-70% of the pain went away but later in the night, i couldn't even turn to sleep properly. Ended up getting up to turn to the other side of the bed..

Dammit i hate this! Gingerly drove to the office. Wonder how much more this'll get... I think I need to see a doc soon.... :(

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yesterday's News

The Star's Headline reads : We are fainted fated for each other. Wonder how many people wasted money on sms' telling each other about this??

'Nuff Said....

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Little wing by Korean girl

This is a song that my band does in EVERY gig that we do. Of course we mix up jimi hendrix's version, Stevie Ray's Version and add some singing to it from the Corrs' version. But check this girl out! dammit! ah nevah seen this kinda playin' in mah life! wow!

The Clash - I Fought the Law but the Law Won..

15th July - Saturday Morning. I'm writing this on kewlpad (click for more on that) to be published on Monday when I get back to the office cos i got no Internet in the house. Don't really think I need to install it at home anyway cos I'm never home long enough to use it! So in the morning, i wus busy making cucur udang (prawn fritters) for breakfast while wifey told me she was going outside to hang out the clothes. While i was busy mixing up the batter I suddenly heard some music from the front of the house. "Oh.. wifey must have turned on some cd for us to listen to". What took me by surprise was the music itself.. I thought I was dreaming when I heard the wailing Guitars of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones as they launched full force into the opening bars of "Complete Control". The Clash were in the house! Yes, wifey explained later that this was the only CD she could find. It was my precious copy of The Clash: From Here to Eternity - Live.

I remember my first encounter with the Clash. It was years ago and Channel V was airing a Clash advertisement for a special on the band that they were going to air soon. Intrigued as to who they were, I did my research and ended up buying that album wifey had just put on.(I also bought the "Super Black Market Clash" Album but some bastard borrowed it and never returned it!). I never got to watch the Channel V special. But I had discovered a brilliant, brilliant punk+reggae band that looked good, played well, sang reasonably well and wrote sensitive songs that brought an acute awareness to the changing socio-political landscape of UK in the late 70's and early 80's.

This CD featured the line up of the previously mentioned Joe Strummer and Mick Jones who featured on guitars and vocals. Joining them was Paul Simonon on Bass and vocals. Last but not least was Topper Headon on drums. Here's a couple of mentions of the band from the CD Liner notes:

"Masonic Auditorium. Detroit 1978. A packed house. Lights go down, band goes on. After the first number, an empty whiskey bottle crashes near Joe's (Strummer) feet. He laughs. 'Is that the best you got?' In an instant, hundreds of bottles rain down on the stage....whizzing past Mick's ear, smashing into Topper's kit. Amazingly, the band played on undettered. This band will do nicely, I thought."

I would have loved to be there!

"The Clash's second visit to the Boston Orpheum. The bouncers weren't letting people dance. Joe saw this and said. 'Lets do a test and find out how smart everyone is. We're going to turn out the lights for 30 seconds '. Out went the lights, and when they they came on there were bodies jumping from the balcony and bodies climbing over chairs and fighting with security to get closer to the stage. And 100 feet in the MIDDLE of the crowd -Mr Joe Strummer himself!. No other band backed their words with action like The Clash."
    - Brian

Last one,

"The Clash were the greatest rock 'n' roll band there ever has been. They had three frontmen. Most groups don't even have one. They had the greatest singer who was your best mate, the best guitar player with the best moves and the coolest, most handsome bass player in punk rock. Live, The Clash were the most exciting band you could ever see. They made a joke out of modern rock bands. They had a conscience. They never sold out . Respect."
    - Alan

So that was how fans felt about The Clash. I loved every song they ever made. But not every thing was rosy, go read the wiki. Peace.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Bleach vs World Cup for Ratings!

Bleach World Cup

Bwahaha! I got to this a little too late but its hilarious!!

Increasing your car's Testicular Fortitude!

Courtesy of the boys from the New Zeland Bluebird Club,

Give your car some "BALLS"

Strong Contender for the innovation of the year award.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

View from the top

Went with the boss to do a presentation at this place:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More specifically in the tower on the right. Big Oil and gas joint. After the presentation, he (the oil and gas dude) took us for the tour to the skybridge. Not the touristy one..THE OTHER ONE ..... cool. Then we went to the 75th Floor and the view from there was incre-bi-dle!!! So how high have YOU gone up in the Twin Towers??

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Which of the X-Men Are You?

suprise suprise ....i don't really hate him but better him than that pussy Cyclops!

You Are Wolverine
Small but fierce, you're a great fighter.Watch out! You are often you're own greatest enemy.Powers: Adamantium claws, keen senses, the ability to heal quickly

Which of the X-Men Are You?

Now you go take the test and tell me who you drew...

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Back at the Oars

was sick like a  dog yesterday. After a good 13 hour sleep (mostly fuelled by medication and cough mixture) I'm back!...only to face a gunung Tahan sized amount of work,,,i was in the office at 6.30 y'all.. ok, back to it... write y'all laterz

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Next ECW Hardcore Champion

Forget Terry Funk, Forget Cocktoos Jack, Forget Rob Van Dam, Forget all yer Wrestling Hall of Fame Icons, Forget Your Olympic Champion Kurt Angle, here's the face of the new champion...


He's French! In America, he would have moved to the WWE as his next career choice.... Nuff Said...

*Picture stolen from the Hong Kong Standard*

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Kaya Sangat??

Bored, rich people....they burnt a million pounds in 1995. I mean literally torch 50 pound notes. And there are STILL people starving on the streets.

K Foundation

*sigh* and to think I used to like their music when i was in secondary school

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World Cup: What now that its over? Deutschland rolls on

So, Klose is the Golden Boot Winner, Podolski's got the Young Player of the Year, Khan Retiring from International Football, EVERYONE including his fiercest critcs want Klinsi to stay... so then, Its time ta look at EURO 2008!


They could'nt have gotten a much tougher group.... *sigh*

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beef or Chicken? Tell me what you want!

Thats whats blasting out of my car stereo these days. Teriyaki Boys. Found them off the Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift OST. Them boys be hot! With ADROCK from the Beastie Boys and Pharrell in the album "Beef or Chicken" (pic below)


Check out the list of the people involved in this album :Daft Punk, Adrock, DJ Premier, DJ Shadow and Cornelius.

I'm in B-Boy heaven!

later during lunch I went to McDonalds. I asked myself the same question, Beef or Chicken? Tell me what you want!



Tell me what you want!!!??

oh man i need a vacation

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Innovation: Prepaid Credit Cards vs Personalised Credit Cards

Next generation of credit cards

KUALA LUMPUR: Look at it as the new generation of credit cards in Malaysia's endeavour to become a cashless society.

compare and contrast this with :

Are you ready for the most original credit card?
Wouldn't it be nice to show your personality whenever you shop? KBC is the first Belgian bank offering you that possibility to be creative! The process is a very user-friendly one. Just up-load your favourite photo, maybe your family, your pet, a recent vacation, even yourself. Position it and a few days later you can collect your personalized card at your local KBC agency. This is another nice example of mass-customization and personalization of products/services.
Feel free to have a look at


Customised credit cards. Only in Belgium

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Wifi At your PLUS R&R

Wi-Fi access at R&R spots on highway

TAPAH: If you are travelling along the North-South Expressway and need access to the Internet, look no further than the rest and recreation (R&Rs) areas at the Sungai Buloh overhead bridge restaurant, Tapah, Sungai Perak and Gunung Semanggol.

Wow! This is from today's NST. Its Free! Free! on 24 hours... Guess R&R Spots are gonna get crowded like Starbucks... and the bandwith... eeewwww....

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I'm a German Fanboy 4 Life!

    Its 5:33 am. My World Cup just ended minutes ago. A fantastic strike in the dying minutes by Grosso followed by another brilliant one from Del Piero just killed of my team's dream of winning the World Cup on their own soil. Germany played this semi-final filled with anxiety, bad passing and plenty nervy moments. The Italians tho, were superb. hitting the post twice in the first minutes of extra time. That still doesn't stop me from supporting Germany. Hang on a bit,just got a sms... ah..good ol' English Fan Dave King..."F@#k the Germans"... that what it says. Hmmm... nah...I'm straight thanks. Not like the English did any better tho'

This year marks the 20th year of me supporting Deutschland. I switched from supporting England half-way during the 1986 to Germany. The frst game i watched? Germany vs Mexico. Wow. Do remember tho, these were the years of Franz Beckenbauer as coach. The game was mechanical, some say boring and not as lively as the South Americans. Still, the disciplined play attracted me. That continued in the Euro 1988. Watching it alone (as usual) dissappointment again as they crashed out to eventual winners Holland. 1990, Form 4. I was in a new school and the ONLY German fan in the whole school.  First time I bet on my fav team. The stakes? simple, 50 cents a goal. Germany won the first game 4-1 against Yugoslavia. I was RM 1.50 richer. Then came chicken pox and I got to watch the whole World Cup from bed. Then the England, Germany semis.  I nearly died when Chris Waddle hit the post. Tension mounted. Extra time, Penalties. One by one, they rolled in. Then Chris Waddle stepped up. This guy was famous at the time for free-kicks and penalties. He missed. Germany went to the finals and an extra bonus for me was my fav player, Andreas Brehme scored the winning penalty. My team had just won the World Cup and I couldn't even lift my arms in victory cos I was covered in chicken pox boils and scabs.

Euro 1992. Can't remember a thing except Germany crashing out to Denmark in the finals. World Cup 1994.  The Unified German squad looked like a star-studded team. They were too good. They lost to Bulgaria in the Semis. Dissapointment again. Euro 1996, Klinsman, Kuntz, Sammer, Helmer, Eilts, Reuter.... these names figured in every game that Germany played. Then came the semis. Arch nemesis England again. Hah! they don't call the Germans the masters of the penalty shootout again. It was VERY satisfiying to see the arrogant Paul Gascoine bawling his eyes out for the second time! Meanwhile, the Germans were fielding this substitute named Oliver Bierhoff as a striker off and on.  Then came the final. Then we found out who Bierhoff REALLY was. Wow!

World Cup 1998. This was where I grew REALLY disgusted with my team. Bloody Berti Voghts! 2 guys sent off in that semi with Croatia and you send in ANOTHER striker? bollocks! Shebby Singh could have done better! Euro 2000. I was drunk in Johor Baru and could hardly remember a thing. Germany lost disgracefully to Portugal in their final group match. Didn't even make it out of the group. World Cup 2002. I was working in shifts in a call center and missed most of Germany's game. Caught them against the US, Korea, Northern Ireland (I know its not in order). I made it home on time for the final. Again, they fell to a superb Brazillian side. By now my enthusiasm for Germany had slumped pretty badly and I refused to watch Euro 2004.

Then this year came along. Klinsi is the coach and Bierhoff the GM? Too wierd for me. Khan making way for Lehman? I hate Lehman. So I sat and watched. At Home or even in the mamak shop. Wow they were good! Der Wundertwins Klose and Podolski were firing on all cylinders. Then came the Italy game. Germany saw Dortmund. And died.

Bravo! Germany For the effort. Well done Klinsi. Like one of my Directors likes to put it, hard luck. 20 wonderful years and many more to go. Deutschland uber alles!

6:10 am already? time to get to work. I'll get this up when I get into the office.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fanfiction Blog

Inspired by the New Star Wars - Transformers Toyline, yours truly has begun a fanfiction piece. you can find it here: Transform the Force!

comments are highly appreciated as this is my first attempt at fanfiction

World's Smallest Transformers: Dinobots

OMG! WST Dinobots ! them be sooooo cool! I alrady have the earlier line with OP, Jazz, Screamer, Soundwave and Megatron... this will be an excellent addition to that collection...


there's a few more pics... go to this linky :

Prototypes... hope this comes into fruition

Blogged with Flock

Flock Me Amadeus!

Yeah! found this fascinating blog-friendly browser. Coming from the same folks that brought you Firefox, apparently this one allows you to blog straight from the page that caught yer fancy.... Flock... i like it! this post is right now being typd in straight from Flock's built in blog-tool.... nifty for me then!

Now, must go see how it turned up....

Tour: blogging

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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Return!

"Though People now walk in great Fear
alongst the Country every where:
Thieves shall then tremble at the Law,
and Justice shall keep them in aw,
The Rogues shall flee with their Treacherie
and all the Kings Foes most shamefulie,
The which you shall see when the time it shall be
That the King comes Home in Peace again. "

- The King enjoys His own again. Martin Parker. 1660

Aye! thus i have returned unto this page in cyberspace. My long self-exile has been fraught with disaster and extreme testing of will, mind and strength.

From my house being broken into and my laptop, camera and various other possessions being stolen to my house being flooded and other small but annoying incidences have made it that much more difficult to get on with life.....

Still, you have to marvel at the durability of the human spirit. Mayhaps when thing like these happen you will undergo some depression and sadness, but here i am, bashing out these words with a sense of determination to carry on with life.

Before i get ahead of myself tho' a really big thank you to Shashi and his Auto Assist boys for towing my car off to Mr Lee (my wonderful mechanic). Owe ya one Shas :P

Projects have been keeping me busy and sleep-deprived. I've restarted the Desert Zaku project, only to come home one night to see my nicely painted parts in very brown flood water. Plus the bottle of Future fell off the shelf, the cover broke and most of the Future was on the floor *sigh* ...but i plan to clean up after this and continue.

So, meanwhile i got a new-old car, a new laptop and nope, no camera yet so no nice pics of my newly waxed chariot that is now hell-bent on terrorising Perdana's, WAJA's and playing 'chicken' with EVO 8's.

I met a someone who was doing some work for us very recently, a foreigner who works for a VERY BIG company. As i swapped stories with him, i noticed his outlook to life and his personality and realised something.... I had lost my aggression. Lemme explain: Long time ago, i worked in a company where it was expected of us to be arrogant, cocky etc. I lived up that part to the fullest. Then I went on to other jobs and with that, that part of my personality went into recession. I say that cos i realized that in this current station of life, i need that kinda agression. Not arrogance, but a tiny injection of hubris into the way i approach work. Guess its a "part" that i have to play while i'm at work.. ok ok...I'll stop rambling.

Congrats go out to Joanne & Paul , Sharm & Paul (different Paul) for tying the knot recently. Hey, when is Mudslide getting back in action?

So read the short verse in the beginning and embrace the fact that I have returned...

Thursday, May 25, 2006


1 Jumada al-thani 1427

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Monday, April 03, 2006

The End?

sheesh... between work, my new car and various other responsibilities, i think i can't take care of this blog anymore. BUT, I'll be back one of these days, soonish i hope. Till then you can find me in the Nissan Owners thread at the Autoworld forums, The New Zeland Bluebird Car club forum, under the nick "Tracks"... or maybe send me an email. Alternately, you can bother me in TransMY.

So sayonara for the time being and crash... i'll keep reading your blog.. i do, everyday...

bye y'all...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anti-Social mood: ON!

bah.. my feelings and mood are on a downward spiral today... the less human interaction i get, the better..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I'll be back when i have the time. Crash! quit ye bellyachin' !

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long post, Part 2

Sin Nien Quai Ler!

Yep Happy Chinese New Year ! The Year of the Dog was ushered in Sarikei with not only a bang but a hundred thousand bangs. Starting at around 9-ish, the fireworks began to itensify by 11:30 pm and until around 1 in the morning, the whole place sounded like one wild night in Beirut! I actually took a shaky, vertigo inducing, non-clear video of part of the event, lemme see if i can include it into the blog. Other than that, CNY was mostly about eating, eating every 2 hours, rice for breakfast and chicken in every meal. My Mother in laws cooking is good but with the volume of food, gosh, i think i put on even more weight! We had Crab, chicken, tiger prawn, pork (in various incarnations), top shell, beef tendon, deer tendon. Then I got introduced to a whole slew of uncles and aunts. Super nice people even if they can't really communicate with me. They tried tho, but i guess my Iban is no good, so we stuck to wifey translating. Strange that their children didn't dare to look me in the eye and chit chat. I even have one relative who is malay! Wow! talk about muhibbah.

Apparently, the custom around here is that when you visit someone's house, on top of the biscuits and cakes, you get soh meen (noodles, rather fine. Usually served for your birthday if you're chinese. Longetivity noodles I think. I'll double check). So imagine visiting 4 houses before lunch, aiyoo! thank god we didn't do much visiting.


Ah, such a quaint, quiet town. Green all around, the town is filled with giant bungalows built by timber and pepper tycoons. Nice buildings all around. Lots of Banks and after so many years of having only one Shell petrol station, they have lots, including one Petronas that just opened. As far as newspapers are concerned, you get the Borneo Daily everyday. If you want the Star or NST, you can get yesterday's issue at full price today. There ain't no big supermarkets etc. Most of East Malaysia is controlled by a chain of small (as in Fajar-sized) supermarkets under the name Ngiu Kee (recently listed in Bursa Malaysia)

This town is FULL of 2 things, old time coffee shops and disturbingly, hand phone shops. Its a little bit more expensive (I'm talking about phones) here. The Coffee shops however had all kinds of food and drink (most of which i tried in 2004 when i first visited). Charming old world-style shops that would put Yut Kee out of business ASAP. Best of all, most of them have signs like these:

"When cigarettes and alcoholic is send, Please pay up."

oooh... profound.


In Sarikei, one would encounter many peoples (deliberately misspelt) of Iban origin. There are even Masses in the Catholic Church said in the language. A strange custom here is that during CNY, groups of women (3-5 in every group, accompanied by an army of kids) walk around with a huge basket on thier backs. They come into your house if the gate is unlocked and make themselves right at home and wont leave til that basket is filled. If youre not careful, your shoes go missing as well. Lak-khian is the Foo-chow word for Ibans.

Not all Ibans are bad tho, i have met many who are loyal, honorable etc etc.. guess its one of those customs they have there.

Ok.. end of the long post. When i have the time, i'll be back with stories of my new phone, DarkThrone and ... (drumroll pls...) The return of Mudslide!

A post Loooooong overdue

yeah.. it has been a long time eh? Here's the extra long post. Post CNY.

Not making ANY apologies for not updating. I've been busy as heck trying to get work done before i go off for my first CNY in my in-laws place in Sarikei, Sarawak. hmm.. guess by the time time you're reading this, (I'm guessing 8th of Feb I think), there'll be some incoherence as far as time is concerned. However, i'll faithfully reproduce whats been happening since then. First, this entry is being written on my laptop (Yes! i had to bring this all the way here cos i had to email some sildes to the bosses.. more on that later..) on the 30th of Jan, in my in-laws place in Sarikei so details since the last post will be reproduced as much as i can remember them. For the sake of the establishment of some sense of ORDER (yes, that thing), I'll attempt to write all of this down in categories, or sections, or whatever you call those blasted things!.. and yes, i'll ramble in between.

Windows? Mac?

Yeah! I finally found the time in between fixing the proposal template and the e-brochure to get myself to re-install Litestep (version 3.0.2 by Omar Hussain) and Y'z Dock (ver 0.8.3 by M.Yamaguchi) to fix up my windows interface so now its looks like a Mac! (sorry, totally clueless about the OS version - haveta check with Mr Mac who sits opposite me) have a look at these screenshots, one look and you wont believe that the orginal specs (Still unchanged) look like these:

and now it still runs on the original specs but looks like a Mac! 2 screenshots pls Maestro!

So, what do these 2 proggies do? well, lets take the first, Litestep. Introduced to me in 1998-99 (tho i only got around messing around with it in 2003!) this is a windows shell replacement program. What does that mean? well, essentially that means Litestep pushes Windows explorer into the substitution bench and takes over as THE GUI (Graphical user interface) that you, the user would eventually use. No taskbars, No Start menu, No desktop cluttered with icons, No more boring old system colors, none of that stuff! I can even go as far to say that Litestep runs at a mere 12 Mb as opposed to explorer that runs at 20+ Mb.
There are literally thousands of LiteStep Themes you can download at (registration required but use if you don't want to register) and thousands of different ways to configure your Windows GUI. The cost of all of this? Free.

Y'z Dock was written by a Japanese dude named M (i think its Matsuda or something like that) Yamaguchi and faithfully reproduces the Dock from Mac OS. When I mean Reproduces, i mean EXACTLY 100% Reproduction of the Dock from the Mac. Drag and drop .exe files to create "shortcuts" on the Dock Bar. Animations behave exactly like in a Mac and there are 2 choices in terms of icons used to represent proggies. You could use the system recommended icons (yecch! they look "rough" when they expand) or you could download entire sets of Dock Icons from Try it!

KLIA wifi-less?

ok, blame me for not having a working battery but if youre on a domestic flight, forget about wifi in KLIA. I may be wrong here in that maybe I really didnt look around but i asked everyone in McDonalds, KFC, Burger King downstairs at the arrivals and a few other places all around. Nope, nothing, zip. Guess where I started my search? Your friendly neighbourhood information counter. This is what I got as an answer: "You try and sit in a few places and on your laptop-lah.. maybe you might find something." Yeah. Sure I will. "Try Starbucks in the International Departure Satellite Building." Hello, i'm taking a flight to SIBU, as in Sarawak. So what, that means that if you're takin a flight within your country no wifi issit? best part is, some people i asked did not even have a blinking clue what wireless or wifi was all about.

Prior to getting to the airport, (a splendid, Ayerton Senna performance by our abang teksi. KLIA in 28 mins from Serdang. The 3rd taxi we called after the other 2 couldnt find our house! Abang was so good that I voluntarily paid him 80 bucks for the effort!) me and wifey spent some useless minutes in Mines Shopping Centre looking for Wifi or a Starbucks. Nope, nothing there. For all its splendor and hugeness, no wifi. Wifey suggested HALO cafe in South City Plaza but i declined, not wanting to be disappointed again.

The conclusion of all this? Get Streamyx for the house. (i know i know, another universe of pain to deal with when that happens!)

Continued in the next post....

Monday, January 16, 2006

Now You see me...

yep, Internet is back up .. has been since last week but just been too busy.... too many things to handle and guess the stress got to me already.. went back home couple a dyas back with a blistering migrane that wouldn't go away till the next day even tho i had like 10 hours of sleep!...

Grr.. on the other side, i finished WATCHING Gundam Seed Destiny and hmmm.... I'll comment on that laterz. Plus, i finished Galaxy Force Ep 52 .. hope its the last one!.. all reviews and comments coming soon! (read: when i get off this work roller coaster!!!) to quote crash "BLEARGH!!!!"

berambus ...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

2eyb6ard screwed 4-!

yep, that's what happened when i logged in this morning.. see i've been doing a copious amout of data entry this past week and to ease the pain on my CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)-ridden wrist, i had bought a usb keyboard. Lots of number crunching so I had turned on the Num lock.

When I reached Starbucks this morning (Yes! Streamyx is still down in the office! 06therf4c2ers!! Bastards! blank-blank-blanketty-blank-sh5t faced-n40b n4t d5- d4n2 -4s n4t c6c2breath -ans5es!! -- oh that makes me feel soooo much better!) I started typing this site's url and all got was this: -hase5gn5t56n.b36gs-6t.c60. Well, i was stumped, i typed "keyboard" (actually all i got was 2eyb6ard) into google and thankfully, i got the solution to fix the prob. phew!

Anyways, here I am sitting in Starbucks, cracking my head, figuring out sofware marketing plans while my notebook and my brain are refusing to co-operate. Grr.. feel ... "Bilboed" (see: for the origin of this word) Thunderbird is refusing to cooperate as well..and when i fire it up, i get millions (ok hundreds) of junk mail.

Uh.. think i'll get back to thinking..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year .. Yeah Right..

So what's so damn happy about it?... heheh.. i'm in one of my more grouchier moods.. finished the Rogue Warrior Book.. and suddenly my vocabulary is enriched by at least 20-30 more swear words.. who said you can't learn anything from books??

Anyways, the new year was quiet and relaxing. Parents and the rest of the gang came by for a barbeque dinner. The next day was spent relaxing. Nope, nothing on the Zaku still.. But as i was helping my bro-in-law (Jenny's second brother) to move, i discovered much to my joy that my nephew is now into building Gundams!! He had put together a no grade Strike (cant remember the variant but it was an original Bandai. I think its the one with the flyer pack) and, suprise suprise! A Shen Long 1/144 HG kit. of course there was no sanding etc but he's still 8 (I think), I helped him build another construction car kit and promised him that he can take a look at the Astray Red Frame I had built earlier.

I'm gonna encourage him to build like mad!! this is what we in TransMY (don't know what that is? look at the links sidebar) call "racun" (poisoning)!!

Still on toys that you build, seems like a quite a few friends have moved to collecting Zoids. Ah.. the memories of buying zoids in 1985 comes back to mind.. Good one boys! buy 'em and make 'em. Me? nah.. Collecting Transformers and building Gundams are fine at the moment seeing that i havent bought a single thing in months.

Bah.. enough of this, my time in Starbucks is up and i need to get back to the office now.. have a good 2006 (whatever that means) and for heaven's sake, try not to FUBAR it!