Phase Ignition!

"Quod Scripsi, Scripsi."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reboot started ..accessing...0xFFFF0

Again? Yeah, why not? Its been a tough one year (Ok, maybe more than a year) since I blogged. Work, travel, dealing with Dad's death has taken a very heavy toll on me. For a while, I was experimenting with a tumblelog. That's a little bit on hold at the moment now that my digital camera is busted. A flat bed scanner might help to serve the same purpose as the camera did but, feels totally different. Obviously I'll use the scanner once in a while to upload entries into the tumblog from my personal journal but..lets just say that I've been putting down a lot of really personal stuff that I don't feel like sharing right about now. You can go see that blog here:

So, another new beginning? (seems to be a lot of those in this blog) What on earth do I blog about now? I've done the 'rojak'(mixed, anything goes) style of blogging, tried my hand at technology blogging. Interesting pause for thought here. I could go back to the rojak thing and the technology thing. I could blog about shaving or fountain pens..(Paul is currently facing a mid-life crisis. Unable to afford Ferraris, sports cars and other expensive pursuits, he's turned to DE shaving and collecting fountain pens - Paul's Doppleganger).

Here's my proposal tho, I'll post whatever I feel like posting. Could be a rant, an ink review, a tech piece or even a shaving soap review. Hey, I might even break my rule of not talking about politics. (hazardous to my life but a man's gotta do what he has to do y'see?) So sit back, enjoy (if you can) and lets celebrate life as it is eh?

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