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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Un-Malaysian Are you??

As Tagged by Papa... this test says that I'm

Congratulations Paul David, you are 52% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

Good Lord, I want to go commit suicide.....

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm Back! but as usual, too many things to do, stay tuned. Be right back at 'cha in a bit!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Opera rant & the Voltage Stabilizer story

With Flock being super hardo ghey-ishly slow (cos it sucks up so much of memory!) I tried migrating to Opera instead.... I got all the bookmarks to go over but when came time to move all my passwords for the 15 million logins that I have to put up with... zip. Nothing. Turns out that Opera's "Wand" can't import passwords. Great. So, back to slow-as-swimming-in-a-tub-of-molasses Flock. So saunter over to Blogger to find that the page is also slow as heck. Thus, I'm blogging this out of Flock's built in blogging feature. I hate using it cos puttin pictures through this method is virtually non existant. No button for that and if i want to put a pic here, i gotta do that via damn inconvenient!

Oh... Blogger just finished loading... lemme switch over there..

Much better...

So, me and a couple of buddies have been hearing about Voltage Stabilizers from some of our friends who frequent Turns out there's this guy who made a local version that's just as good as the 200-300 bucks version of the thing. He's rather active in the VOCM (thats Volvo Club of Malaysia) and has installed this on 500+ Volvos. AND as of today he (and his buddies) has installed this nifty device on at least 6000 cars in Malaysia. No complaints so far. Whats that I hear you ask? What is it good for? It urm... stabilises the flow of current in the car... oh phishtosh! its good lar ok? Go search in the Zerotohundred forums for it.. i'm too damn lazy..

So, this dude... Kelvin came over and installed this device in 3 of our cars and this is how it looked like:

One more

The difference after installing ? Brighter Lights, colder Air-con and one heck of a boost for my lower end torque. The cost of all this?? RM installation.

Nuff said. Have a good weekend y'all and no posts for next week cos I'll be in Telekoms and in Penang.. bye!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sunrise Jazz Festival

Yep, as promised... tho I'm really tired. A Promise is a promise.Anyways, doing this on Opera cos Flock is guzzling hella lot of memory and Blogger is super damn slow! OK, on with it:

Wifey, me, my sis and bro-in law finally got around going to the Jazz Festival. Arrived at about 9+ and man.... standing room only! We parked ourselves near Starbucks and spent most of the evening guzzling down one of these:

Yep... not a scrap O' coffee in that cos wifey don't take no coffee (boo!) And since we were so strategically placed (read: behind a pillar) we ended watching the concert on a monitor. *sigh* I wandered around with my new Canon Powershot A420 and since the angles were not permissable, I only got a few pics. When we arrived, Noryn Aziz and her band were kickin' it up. Wow! she can sing real good hombre! Later sis told me that she's dubbed the "Nora Jones" of Malaysia. Here's a sucky pic I took of them in action:

no chance of a frontal. Sorry, the next pic is about the same as well. To continue..around the time I was reeeeaaaaaaly sleepy, THE band to watch, the Aseana Percussion Unit came on. Fantastic stuff from these guys! But eventually sleep won over good listening..and i went home. Enjoyed myself greatly and even saw very very elegantly dressed(i'm talking like dinner dresses kinda thing) beautiful women walking around with a bottle Hineken... Hmmm.. that put a sobering effect on grace and beauty..

Here's the Aseana Percussion Unit doing their thing:

One last bye bye shot:

The end.

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PS: Halfway thru writin this, I switched back to Flock...

Monday, August 14, 2006


Still to come this week,

The last show of the Sunrise Jazz Festival 2006 and The Amazing Voltage Stabilizer!

Stay Tuned...

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Da Crouch strikes again!

Told you he's hot!

On the other hand, we think we may have found Crouch's long-lost twin brother, apparently he's been starring in Beano in the Bash Street Kids Comics all this while... Here's a recent mugshot:

See the resemblence? Wow... you couldn't tell the 2 apart! ..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Health Warning

And to your health in general. Go read the newspapers lately.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


All that sleep Deprivation is makes me feel like THIS:

You make me dizzy running circles in my head

One of these days I'll chase you down

Well look who's going crazy now

We're face to face my friend,

Better get out

You know you make me break out

I don't want to look like that

You can see this on my face

It's all for you

The more and more I take

I break right through

Therapy still scares me

Putting me on my back again.

I may be crazy, little frayed around the ends

One of these days I'll phase you out

Burn it in the blast off watching me crawl away

Try to get out

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


No, not me but my precious toys. See, most of them have been in storage in my mum's place in a cupboard in my old room. Now mom is quite the packrat and suddenly, there's no space for curtains and cushion covers (yes.. she has a billion of them in matching sets and colours!). So I just got a call from her saying that she's packed it neatly into some boxes. "Come and get them this weekend." Oh No... store it in MY house? the house that's theft prone? hmmm... gotta start enquiring about storage vaults in a nearby bank....hope she didn't crush CatScan..... oh dear...

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Team Powerlinx Armada

Still stuck in the office, here are some pics of my recently completed Armada Team:

The frontal with Rollout as a gun and Jetfire's Gun.

The overview shot with the platform.

Side shot with the original OP gun and Comettor attached on the Mini-con pegs.

Last one:

The other side with Corona Sparkplug and the "smokestack" gun.

Now, dont you wish you had one too??

Peter Peter Cullen to voice Optimus Prime in Transformers:The Live movie

yeah..i know its old news...but here's the VIDEO announcement...check it out! From a G4 Vodcast

The Announcement

Hope this linking thing works....

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