Phase Ignition!

"Quod Scripsi, Scripsi."

Monday, January 16, 2006

Now You see me...

yep, Internet is back up .. has been since last week but just been too busy.... too many things to handle and guess the stress got to me already.. went back home couple a dyas back with a blistering migrane that wouldn't go away till the next day even tho i had like 10 hours of sleep!...

Grr.. on the other side, i finished WATCHING Gundam Seed Destiny and hmmm.... I'll comment on that laterz. Plus, i finished Galaxy Force Ep 52 .. hope its the last one!.. all reviews and comments coming soon! (read: when i get off this work roller coaster!!!) to quote crash "BLEARGH!!!!"

berambus ...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

2eyb6ard screwed 4-!

yep, that's what happened when i logged in this morning.. see i've been doing a copious amout of data entry this past week and to ease the pain on my CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)-ridden wrist, i had bought a usb keyboard. Lots of number crunching so I had turned on the Num lock.

When I reached Starbucks this morning (Yes! Streamyx is still down in the office! 06therf4c2ers!! Bastards! blank-blank-blanketty-blank-sh5t faced-n40b n4t d5- d4n2 -4s n4t c6c2breath -ans5es!! -- oh that makes me feel soooo much better!) I started typing this site's url and all got was this: -hase5gn5t56n.b36gs-6t.c60. Well, i was stumped, i typed "keyboard" (actually all i got was 2eyb6ard) into google and thankfully, i got the solution to fix the prob. phew!

Anyways, here I am sitting in Starbucks, cracking my head, figuring out sofware marketing plans while my notebook and my brain are refusing to co-operate. Grr.. feel ... "Bilboed" (see: for the origin of this word) Thunderbird is refusing to cooperate as well..and when i fire it up, i get millions (ok hundreds) of junk mail.

Uh.. think i'll get back to thinking..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year .. Yeah Right..

So what's so damn happy about it?... heheh.. i'm in one of my more grouchier moods.. finished the Rogue Warrior Book.. and suddenly my vocabulary is enriched by at least 20-30 more swear words.. who said you can't learn anything from books??

Anyways, the new year was quiet and relaxing. Parents and the rest of the gang came by for a barbeque dinner. The next day was spent relaxing. Nope, nothing on the Zaku still.. But as i was helping my bro-in-law (Jenny's second brother) to move, i discovered much to my joy that my nephew is now into building Gundams!! He had put together a no grade Strike (cant remember the variant but it was an original Bandai. I think its the one with the flyer pack) and, suprise suprise! A Shen Long 1/144 HG kit. of course there was no sanding etc but he's still 8 (I think), I helped him build another construction car kit and promised him that he can take a look at the Astray Red Frame I had built earlier.

I'm gonna encourage him to build like mad!! this is what we in TransMY (don't know what that is? look at the links sidebar) call "racun" (poisoning)!!

Still on toys that you build, seems like a quite a few friends have moved to collecting Zoids. Ah.. the memories of buying zoids in 1985 comes back to mind.. Good one boys! buy 'em and make 'em. Me? nah.. Collecting Transformers and building Gundams are fine at the moment seeing that i havent bought a single thing in months.

Bah.. enough of this, my time in Starbucks is up and i need to get back to the office now.. have a good 2006 (whatever that means) and for heaven's sake, try not to FUBAR it!