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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Galaxy Force Ep 45

yeah.. i know its been out for some time now. But while looking at our honeymoon (why do i keep typing it as hineymoon? hmmm *confused*) pictures, i got the wife to watch the entire ep on me laptop.(no, she wasn't sitting on my laptop...she jus watched it ON my laptop) Her response? those kids are sooooo cute!!

Ahem.. yes, Bud was very cute there wasn't he? that bit about "instructing" Flame Convoy on leadership was hilarious!! Nice to see Lori (lori apa? lori balak ke?) acting all serious later on. And my wife just ADORES minicons... phew! thank God my Armada collection is small and are now quite hard to find. if not, die man....Sad to say, my Transformers collection has slowed down for the last few months, the only thing i bought was Hasbro CybertronSideways (yecch! i hate that name, the Japanese name, Noisemaze sounds way much cooler.)

Been saving up for little things that would complete my Modelling toolkit. Still havent bought the Dark Yellow for my Zaku Project.....guess that has to wait till i'm done priming the parts and doing the seam filling...

next topic..or i won't stop rambling!
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