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Saturday, January 07, 2006

2eyb6ard screwed 4-!

yep, that's what happened when i logged in this morning.. see i've been doing a copious amout of data entry this past week and to ease the pain on my CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)-ridden wrist, i had bought a usb keyboard. Lots of number crunching so I had turned on the Num lock.

When I reached Starbucks this morning (Yes! Streamyx is still down in the office! 06therf4c2ers!! Bastards! blank-blank-blanketty-blank-sh5t faced-n40b n4t d5- d4n2 -4s n4t c6c2breath -ans5es!! -- oh that makes me feel soooo much better!) I started typing this site's url and all got was this: -hase5gn5t56n.b36gs-6t.c60. Well, i was stumped, i typed "keyboard" (actually all i got was 2eyb6ard) into google and thankfully, i got the solution to fix the prob. phew!

Anyways, here I am sitting in Starbucks, cracking my head, figuring out sofware marketing plans while my notebook and my brain are refusing to co-operate. Grr.. feel ... "Bilboed" (see: for the origin of this word) Thunderbird is refusing to cooperate as well..and when i fire it up, i get millions (ok hundreds) of junk mail.

Uh.. think i'll get back to thinking..
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