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Friday, August 18, 2006

Opera rant & the Voltage Stabilizer story

With Flock being super hardo ghey-ishly slow (cos it sucks up so much of memory!) I tried migrating to Opera instead.... I got all the bookmarks to go over but when came time to move all my passwords for the 15 million logins that I have to put up with... zip. Nothing. Turns out that Opera's "Wand" can't import passwords. Great. So, back to slow-as-swimming-in-a-tub-of-molasses Flock. So saunter over to Blogger to find that the page is also slow as heck. Thus, I'm blogging this out of Flock's built in blogging feature. I hate using it cos puttin pictures through this method is virtually non existant. No button for that and if i want to put a pic here, i gotta do that via damn inconvenient!

Oh... Blogger just finished loading... lemme switch over there..

Much better...

So, me and a couple of buddies have been hearing about Voltage Stabilizers from some of our friends who frequent Turns out there's this guy who made a local version that's just as good as the 200-300 bucks version of the thing. He's rather active in the VOCM (thats Volvo Club of Malaysia) and has installed this on 500+ Volvos. AND as of today he (and his buddies) has installed this nifty device on at least 6000 cars in Malaysia. No complaints so far. Whats that I hear you ask? What is it good for? It urm... stabilises the flow of current in the car... oh phishtosh! its good lar ok? Go search in the Zerotohundred forums for it.. i'm too damn lazy..

So, this dude... Kelvin came over and installed this device in 3 of our cars and this is how it looked like:

One more

The difference after installing ? Brighter Lights, colder Air-con and one heck of a boost for my lower end torque. The cost of all this?? RM installation.

Nuff said. Have a good weekend y'all and no posts for next week cos I'll be in Telekoms and in Penang.. bye!!!!
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