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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Starbucks Dilemma. Pt 1

Being so horribly busy these past few weeks and having to work on weekends. I had to resort to using wi-fi in Starbucks (yes..memang dah sah aku jadik anjing!) But i just feel so damn pissed off with what happens when i get there. Part of what I feel is expressed by a blog entry i read a few minutes ago. The blog is called :jkOn the Run by James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel. Here's that entry:

Open request to Starbucks customers

If you do not have a laptop or other gadget to plug into the only electrical outlet then please don't sit at the table next to it. Thanks.

UPDATE: Please don't bring your kids in and let them run around yelling and screaming and then sit at the table next to someone who is working on a laptop. Thanks.

UPDATE #2: Please don't let your kids throw cookies at someone working on a laptop at the next table. Thanks.

UPDATE #3. Please don't ignore your children while talking loudly on your phone while sitting next to someone working at a laptop. Thanks.

UPDATE #4. Please don't bring your yelling and screaming kids into Starbucks with the intention of meeting another friend and her screaming kids and having them also sit at a table next to someone working at a laptop. Thanks.

UPDATE #5. I am so sorry. I have never been this clumsy before. I don't know how that steaming hot cappuccino was knocked over. Yes I know that must really burn and I am sure the kids will stop screaming when it does. I really am sorry that you're leaving. Thanks.

FINAL UPDATE: This was just a joke. No children were harmed in the making of this :p

The link to the article goes here:

Dammit.... when i have time to do so, I'll go on and finish part 2. Back to the Oars.. *sigh*

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