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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The great Desktop challenge

I usually never do this tagging thing that is rather rampant among bloggers but i feel like having a little fun this morning and here's how the challenge works:

minimize everything (as in all windows) until you only see your desktop. Now look at yer keyboard and look for the key that says "Print Screen" (Prnt Scrn on some keyboards). Press that once. Open your fav graphics editor (if you can't afford Photoshop CS like me, then go get yourself some GIMP and proceed to paste and create a new jpeg)

Post that up on your blog and drop me a line. Lets see the amazing plethora of desktops that you fellers have.

To start off here's my current screenshot:

So I hereby tag Papa, Miki. MC, Anis, Idham (if your'e still blogging that is), Eyeris, and Ryu.

For the rest of my readers (as if I have millions..........and millions!) you can send me your link to

Winner gets a MISB limited edition NO-Prize. :p

Now, get to it!

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