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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


One of these days, I'll write down the comprehensive history of the Malaysian blues/classic rock/pop/Power-Puff-Girls-loving Band Mudslide. Meanwhile, there are 2 videos from the band online for all of youse to watch. Here ya go:

Thats them doing Jimi Hendrix+Stevie Ray Vaughan+The Corrs version of Little Wing

And here they are again, doing the Bishop's version of Chuck Berry's Nadine. The video quality is very very bad but this was a performance done somewhere in March 2004 in the now defunct Titus Blues Avenue. Note that the Bassist (if you can spot him), Mr Tim Brice is now happily working in Bombay. New videos coming soon....

PS. Doesn't that vocalist look awfully familiar? :p
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