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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Great Desktop Challenge - Latest

Oh my, I've created a monster! Huge big Kudos goes out to Papa and Mikey for tagging plenty of other people with this challenge who in turn, tagged other people. I looked around, followed the links and found these few. Just a sample of links here, please do visit

Mikey's Tag
Little Miss May

Doctor? Chen

Little Miss May's Tag


Dr Chen's Tag

Pink Cotton
Bernard Chan

Ok ok... I'm stopping here cos its spread like WILDFIRE on the blogsphere!... Interesting that the original instructions have changed along the's the original:

"minimize everything (as in all windows) until you only see your desktop. Now look at yer keyboard and look for the key that says "Print Screen" (Prnt Scrn on some keyboards). Press that once. Open your fav graphics editor (if you can't afford Photoshop CS like me, then go get yourself some GIMP and proceed to paste and create a new jpeg)Post that up on your blog and drop me a line. Lets see the amazing plethora of desktops that you fellers have."

Here's the 'modified' version:

"Instruction :Minimize everything (as in all windows) until you only see your desktop. Now look at your keyboard and search for the “Print Screen” (or Prt Scr) button. Press that once. U can press twice too if your finger is itchy. Tarak masalah. Open your fav graphic editor. Paste and save tu gambar. Post that up on your blog & share your leng picture with the whole world. Dun forget to drop me a line after u hit the publish button."

Hmm...Internet version of the infamous "broken telephone"

Thanks everyone for taking part!

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