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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Really BIG Nescafe Ais & Coffee Bean Freebie Story

Wifey had cravings for my home made lamb chops the other day (if you're thinking what yer're right...) But it was a weekday and Lamb Chops take time to make. So took her out for some in a nearby shop.

Ordered some Nescafe Ais (Can't have freshly brewed coffee there right?) and man! it was HUGE! Chilli Sauce squeeze bottle pictured for comparison. Yes...I did finish it (I'm a thirsty child..)

Eh? Just came back from buying a bag of Sumatra Dark Roast Beans from Coffee Bean. While I was there looking at what's new, along came the over-zealous staff-behind-counter... "Try the Viennese beans -lah Sir..." told her that I had and I didn't really like it.

Anyways, I went ahead and got the Sumatra Beans when she came up to us (Khalis followed as well.. ) and handed us 2 cups of Vienna coffee.. Nice way to try to push some not-so-great coffee to us "discerning" (;p) coffee drinkers but hey, I'm not one to look at the gift-barrista-in the mouth so thanks indeed... free cup as pictured next to yummy Sumatra Beans below:

Why did I post this? particular reason... blogspamming on a slow-slow slow day...
coming up next week, Lamb Chops Paul David style!
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