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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The price you pay for wanting everything to be convenient

Our walk back from lunch was rudely interrupted by a crowd in front of our Building (HSBC Jln Bukit Bintang) 5 Car accident. Apparently a white Mercedes Benz had crashed into 4 other cars parked illegally in front of the bank. Here's pictures: (taken as usual with my Motorola V3i)

I understand that people want to do their banking and do it fast. But is this worth the price you pay for it? granted that Bukit Bintang is busy but these fellers have been parking, obstructing traffic and causing traffic congestions for years!.. Padan Muka (serves you right!)

On the flip side tho, our Analysisbot MC, had this to say about the whole affair:

analysis : some butts can earn money, which allows them to own cars. but butts dun have brains attached to it which implies it has no intelligence. butts also have no means of autonomous movement. they must park very near to their destinations in order to decrease the length of movement"

'Nuff said.
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