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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

5 Months later...

Nothing has changed actually. I was having a chat with an old college buddy when he remarked "are you still blogging?" I was I did ask him if he meant the grand failure that I had with my Tech blog (abandoned coz I can't do a Tech blog on my own!) He said "no, the rant blog" . The RANT blog? do I rant?! chis! (btw, I don't mind you calling it a rant blog Pat :P )

Which led me to think a bit. Shall I or shall I not continue? hmm.. then another person asked if I was still blogging. I had a call from my wife this morning asking me if I was still blogging and that I got to be careful not to write anything seditious or I'll be in jail and she'll be on TV with my daughter. Good point. Although I have never been political in any of the 106 blog posts I have written so far, I have been running my mouth quite a bit playing political analyst during the March Elections. Also, in them 106 posts I have been rather reserved in expressing my opinions about the things around me. But I digress.

I was in the midst of contemplating whether to post or not to post anymore in this blog seeing as I am now inundated with heavier loads to carry. Well, I've decided to return to blogging. In any case, its gonna drive me to start writing more often as I need the practice (yes, apparently I going to be writing a book soon. Surprised me as well). However, from this point on, the style may change, the topics may change (look out for some truly geeky IT stuff coming yer way!) The bottom line is, I gotta start again. Thanks to the 2-3 (kidding) people that have bothered to look at the blog from time to time. I'll try my best to keep y'all readin'

Laterz. Need to get to the photo shop across the road to make some enquiries.

PS. Do y'all like the new look? Did I miss anything out in the blog (apart from more blog posts of course)? Comments.
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