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Monday, June 09, 2008

Changes, Changes

Yeah, its been a while hasn't it? I've been putting in some little hacks into the blog to make your 'experience' better. Obviously, I had to sort out the comments disappearing issue. I want to post a huge big shout out to the guys at Disqus, Daniel and Jason, Thank you so much for fixing my template! erm...ok. I've also put in show/hide thing into the sidebar and I've to thank Annie from Blog U for showing me how to go about doing a fix like that.

Also, I've created a Label Cloud and I have phydeaux3 to thank for the very helpful instructions that eventually helped me do a nice Tag cloud. I must admit I kinda screwed up the RGB color codes while doing the cloud so I had to go back to fix it. Which is not bad since I'm not a Template-Code-Monkey. I've also listed my blog at the BlogMalaysia Blogger directory (easier for the Government to come a calling if I ever post anything seditious!) If you're Malaysian and have a blog, please get yer tushes over there and get yer blog listed there now! Also, I have made a few new acquitances in the BlogMalaysia Forum.

So, with work crushing me in all directions, hopefully I can get to write more often. Currently I'm playing around with Plurk. If you wanna get on it, click here to sign up.

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