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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sunrise Jazz Festival

Yep, as promised... tho I'm really tired. A Promise is a promise.Anyways, doing this on Opera cos Flock is guzzling hella lot of memory and Blogger is super damn slow! OK, on with it:

Wifey, me, my sis and bro-in law finally got around going to the Jazz Festival. Arrived at about 9+ and man.... standing room only! We parked ourselves near Starbucks and spent most of the evening guzzling down one of these:

Yep... not a scrap O' coffee in that cos wifey don't take no coffee (boo!) And since we were so strategically placed (read: behind a pillar) we ended watching the concert on a monitor. *sigh* I wandered around with my new Canon Powershot A420 and since the angles were not permissable, I only got a few pics. When we arrived, Noryn Aziz and her band were kickin' it up. Wow! she can sing real good hombre! Later sis told me that she's dubbed the "Nora Jones" of Malaysia. Here's a sucky pic I took of them in action:

no chance of a frontal. Sorry, the next pic is about the same as well. To continue..around the time I was reeeeaaaaaaly sleepy, THE band to watch, the Aseana Percussion Unit came on. Fantastic stuff from these guys! But eventually sleep won over good listening..and i went home. Enjoyed myself greatly and even saw very very elegantly dressed(i'm talking like dinner dresses kinda thing) beautiful women walking around with a bottle Hineken... Hmmm.. that put a sobering effect on grace and beauty..

Here's the Aseana Percussion Unit doing their thing:

One last bye bye shot:

The end.

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PS: Halfway thru writin this, I switched back to Flock...
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