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Monday, May 26, 2008


Continuing the Fail concept, MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress - The 'Guardian' of all things Indian in Malaysia) claimed that they will take efforts to woo professionals by looking at cyberspace. Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, Dictator for Life, Party President, stated that the party will be using the internet to reach out to professionals and youths. “And, for this reason, our leaders need to teach themselves to surf the Net and, if possible, create their own blogs.” Yeah Right!

Original Story

I was at the MIC Website this morning and here are some screenshots:

Granted he did say this:
“Soon, we will be launching our own portal which would allow the people to make complaints and take part in discussions. “We will also make it compulsory for each state committee to have its own website and to update it daily,”

But I'm highly skeptical about it. Their website has not been updated since March and is tired and out of touch. So, since the 'Monkey see - monkey do' thing about politicians-who-condemn-bloggers-but-now-have-a-blog-of-their-own is currently spreading across Malaysia, are MIC leaders going to have their blog as well? Is Samy going to have a folder in his PC that says 'Blog Drafts' too? Will they be writing their own blog posts or are they going to rely on other people to write their blog posts? And what are they going to be blogging about? the plight of the Indians in Malaysia? How they have repeatedly failed to stand up for the rights of the Indians in Malaysia? Telekom Shares? How they kowtow to...(seditious..better be careful here)

Please don't do something just because everyone else is doing it. Its Pathetic. Spending RM400,000 in equipment is not going to bring back confidence in the hearts of people who looked at you as their only hope. Want to make a difference? Go back to the MIC building, round up your oldest members and ask them why did MIC come into existence at the first place. Then take whatever you get from that and run with it. The Indians in this country (me included) will thank you for it.

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