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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Back! with a whimper

yeah...i know i've been missing for sometime now. Not really beacuse of busy Mikey... but more of no internet connection. As most of my friends know, i access the net from the office. Well, we just moved office to bukit bintang (yay! near ALL the toy shops!) and apparently, Telekoms take 10 days to reconnect our previous Streamyx connection.

But they did give us an option of applying for a new broadband line and according to them, connection will be done faster. What a wonderful marketing plan!! well, wait till my buddies in Telekom hear about this!

Anyways..the days have been spent on preparing for Christmas, doing up our tree (yay!), entertaining friends and family. Made my signature chilli again but this time i wasn't so satisfied with the results. Apart from that it has been unpacking and getting adjusted to the new office etc etc..

The internet is still out in the office, i'm doing this from starbucks (as usual). No updates on the Desert Zaku Project yet. Last thing i did was to prime and future the head assembly. Its sitting there on my shoe cabinet, gathering dust (oh crap! more work to do when i get it started again!)

Got 2 nice books from wifey for christmas... if you know anything about my reading speed, i'm about to finish the second book in 2 days. But meanwhile I have something to read, snagged "Rogue Warrior" by Richard Marcinko. This guy is the founder of US Navy Seal Team 6.. the so called "non existant team" Anyways, for a list of what i'm currently reading, take a gander at me sidebar.

So, till i get another chance to update this blog, have a happy and safe new year. Have fun and i'll smell ya later!
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