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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dunderhead moment

grr..blogger is slow today...

Anyways, yes, after 2 days of training and travelling to Cyberjaya, i happily drove to the office only to discover... I didn't bring the power supply for my Notebook!!! my battery died long ago and i ain't shelling out RM 500 for a new one so i drove all the way back to serdang and back to office.. total time wasted on the road: 1.5 hours.

Not to mention the 8 bucks i had to pay for parking... and i have dinner at my parents place today... *moan* looks like the beginnings of a very bad day...

what's that i hear you ask? oh ...whats happening to the desert zaku project? small disaster but i want to take some pictures to show the boo boo..tomorrow, if i still have the strength to photograph them tonight....laterzz
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