Phase Ignition!

"Quod Scripsi, Scripsi."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Desert Zaku Update: December 1 down to skewering and a bit of paintin last night. so far i got both forearm assemblies done. But since i'm am absolutely inexperienced with the can o' spraypaint, i think i overdid some parts a little bit. as a result, some parts now have a tiny bead of extra paint on them.. hmm..let me see if i can sand out those parts and retouch them. Anyways, here's a picture

Heh, the german grey went on so nicely. Since i'm off to the bank at lunch, i guess i can stop by the model shop for some cement. hope they have some extra thin tamiya cement..that will save so much of time & effort! I've left the parts to dry off for at least 48 hours before i start on the next batch... must say, painting is fun! The REAL fun will start when i start putting on the dark yellow...I'll worry about that when that time comes...
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