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Monday, December 12, 2005

Desert Zaku Update : 12 December 2005

hmm...unfortunately, i've been too busy/tired to take pictures of what happened lately with the project (remember the disaster?) well, not too much a disaster but here's what happened:

I sprayed the forearm assemblies with the german grey lacquer (thanks a lot Tamiya!) and let that dry for about 2 days. Then i attempted to glue them with my spanking new Thin Cement courtesy again, from Tamiya (you would think they should give me something for plugging them throughout this blog...fat chance! only 5-6 ppl ever read this blog anyways.. :p) then, the unthinkable happened... the paint came right off with the cement brush!

I was horrified! at the spur of the moment, my fire-fighting instinct kicked in and i started gluing the shoulder assemblies without painting them. But i stopped and had a long hard think about the whole thing. I finally decided to do this:

1. Continue painting and then cementing part that can't be pre-built and painted. The only thing different is, i'm adding a thin layer of Future (God bless the man who invented it!) ... i've done that with the other forearm assembly but it still needs another day for curing before I cement it so stay tuned for results of those experiments..

2. For parts that can be pre-bulit, well, as long it doesn't require masking, i'll leave those to dry, sand them and then paint them later.

I'm not going to rush the whole process, funny thing happened the other day, while i was in the state of shock about what happened with the gule lifting the paint, wifey who was seated next to me looked over and remarked, "so what are you doing now with that?"

I replied by detailing the whole process of priming, cementing, sanding, assemblying and laying on the final colour. Then I described the last bits of detailing. She asked how long all this will take. I said I would probably finish by march or april. She had only 1 thing to say: "Wah.. you got so much of time on your hands ah?"

'Nuff said...
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