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Friday, July 28, 2006


Good Lord, save us from this disease! Looks like many Malaysian Bloggers are proud of doing this! I call this "MySpace Envy". So proud to be called a whore issit? Come see me and i'll pimp you off to some sex-starved illegal immigrant so they can re-create Bangbus right here in our shores!

*Shudder* I even heard of a guy (mike, crash & nash will know who i'm talking about here) who filled up his friendster profile with pictures of himself ...shirtless..dei...your face is like anjing kurap!(Dog with sores) what more your cicak kubing (gecko) body!

So carry on lah, pose in 1000 ways, pose everytime you go to KLCC, 1U, Mamak and the most pathetic of all.... take 1 million pictures of yourself by pointing the frickin' cam at the damn mirror! Sad.Sad Sad! its so....MySpace ewww...

Having a blog with pictures is cool but DONT OVERDOIT! ...same goes for you feckin Friendster pictures. 5 pictures that look the same? or EVERY picture with the same shit-eatin grin & pose? urgh.,...

Ok. I'll stop.


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