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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm a German Fanboy 4 Life!

    Its 5:33 am. My World Cup just ended minutes ago. A fantastic strike in the dying minutes by Grosso followed by another brilliant one from Del Piero just killed of my team's dream of winning the World Cup on their own soil. Germany played this semi-final filled with anxiety, bad passing and plenty nervy moments. The Italians tho, were superb. hitting the post twice in the first minutes of extra time. That still doesn't stop me from supporting Germany. Hang on a bit,just got a sms... ah..good ol' English Fan Dave King..."F@#k the Germans"... that what it says. Hmmm... nah...I'm straight thanks. Not like the English did any better tho'

This year marks the 20th year of me supporting Deutschland. I switched from supporting England half-way during the 1986 to Germany. The frst game i watched? Germany vs Mexico. Wow. Do remember tho, these were the years of Franz Beckenbauer as coach. The game was mechanical, some say boring and not as lively as the South Americans. Still, the disciplined play attracted me. That continued in the Euro 1988. Watching it alone (as usual) dissappointment again as they crashed out to eventual winners Holland. 1990, Form 4. I was in a new school and the ONLY German fan in the whole school.  First time I bet on my fav team. The stakes? simple, 50 cents a goal. Germany won the first game 4-1 against Yugoslavia. I was RM 1.50 richer. Then came chicken pox and I got to watch the whole World Cup from bed. Then the England, Germany semis.  I nearly died when Chris Waddle hit the post. Tension mounted. Extra time, Penalties. One by one, they rolled in. Then Chris Waddle stepped up. This guy was famous at the time for free-kicks and penalties. He missed. Germany went to the finals and an extra bonus for me was my fav player, Andreas Brehme scored the winning penalty. My team had just won the World Cup and I couldn't even lift my arms in victory cos I was covered in chicken pox boils and scabs.

Euro 1992. Can't remember a thing except Germany crashing out to Denmark in the finals. World Cup 1994.  The Unified German squad looked like a star-studded team. They were too good. They lost to Bulgaria in the Semis. Dissapointment again. Euro 1996, Klinsman, Kuntz, Sammer, Helmer, Eilts, Reuter.... these names figured in every game that Germany played. Then came the semis. Arch nemesis England again. Hah! they don't call the Germans the masters of the penalty shootout again. It was VERY satisfiying to see the arrogant Paul Gascoine bawling his eyes out for the second time! Meanwhile, the Germans were fielding this substitute named Oliver Bierhoff as a striker off and on.  Then came the final. Then we found out who Bierhoff REALLY was. Wow!

World Cup 1998. This was where I grew REALLY disgusted with my team. Bloody Berti Voghts! 2 guys sent off in that semi with Croatia and you send in ANOTHER striker? bollocks! Shebby Singh could have done better! Euro 2000. I was drunk in Johor Baru and could hardly remember a thing. Germany lost disgracefully to Portugal in their final group match. Didn't even make it out of the group. World Cup 2002. I was working in shifts in a call center and missed most of Germany's game. Caught them against the US, Korea, Northern Ireland (I know its not in order). I made it home on time for the final. Again, they fell to a superb Brazillian side. By now my enthusiasm for Germany had slumped pretty badly and I refused to watch Euro 2004.

Then this year came along. Klinsi is the coach and Bierhoff the GM? Too wierd for me. Khan making way for Lehman? I hate Lehman. So I sat and watched. At Home or even in the mamak shop. Wow they were good! Der Wundertwins Klose and Podolski were firing on all cylinders. Then came the Italy game. Germany saw Dortmund. And died.

Bravo! Germany For the effort. Well done Klinsi. Like one of my Directors likes to put it, hard luck. 20 wonderful years and many more to go. Deutschland uber alles!

6:10 am already? time to get to work. I'll get this up when I get into the office.
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