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Monday, July 24, 2006

TransMY Yumchar : Return of the Ancients

Oh yeah, made it for this one. Enjoyed myself tremendously as some old faces cropped up. Thanks guys for lots of fun, especially Clearance :p here's some pics for those who missed it. By the way, not ALL the ancients made it., Missed were Shahsi, Tina, Unforgiven69 and Eyeris.

Caption: I am Catwoman! Meowrrrrr..... Peace! Jgn Marah Pak Takato!

Caption: Side frontal of Clearance & Hady lights up one more.

Caption: Dammit Crash! have to catch me when I'm drinking lar?

The rest of the pictures then, Enjoy!

TransMY Major Official Yumchar

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