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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Was browsing around, i wus specifically looking for a Japanese car import site.. (Yes I'm still hoping to own a S15 Silvia before I turn 40!). Found one at the back of a UK Jap tuning mag. The Site: . when go to the site tho, this is what i got:

Yeah, sorry for the convenience indeed. Which then reminded me of another site, one that specifically on bad grammar & spelling on English in Japan. Some of you might know this site: Here's a few "gems" i nicked from the site:

Oh my, this sign gives a whole new meaning to "sex at work". One more

Now men can ovulate too! Last one. And its from Glico who makes the very delish chocolate Rocky ( or Pockey as its called outside Malaysia.. more on that in another post) Pity their English could be better!

Ouchie...Go to the website...have you been "engrished" today?

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